Leadership Deep Dive

Join us for a truly unique and immersive retreat in Dahab, Egypt.

Sept - Oct 2024

“Certainty is one of the weakest positions in life. Curiosity is one of the most powerful. Certainty prohibits learning, curiosity fuels change.”

―Liz Wiseman

Welcome to the

Leadership Deep Dive

A Journey Within

This is not just a leadership retreat; this is your passage to profound change. Amidst the vibrant energy of Dahab, we guide you to find mental clarity—the stillness that precedes powerful leadership.

Here, we don't just talk about leadership; we redefine it.

Countless Insights

Immerse yourself in four dynamic workshops. Learn to lead from a place of inner calm. Unlock your leadership potential, master the art of fresh and creative thinking, with each session a compass guiding you towards unprecedented success. Get ready to sculpt your leadership legacy.

Oasis of Self-Discovery

This retreat is about you, discovering possibilities you've never seen before. Picture yourself in a calm oasis, where desert meets sea, a powerful metaphor for the intersection of the physical and mental realm.

Ignite Your Flame:

As the sun sets over the Sinai mountains, the fire within you intensifies. 'The Leadership Deep Dive' is not just an event; it's a catalyst. Forge connections with like-minded leaders, share stories under the star-lit sky, and leave with a flame that will illuminate your path long after the retreat ends.

I look forward to seeing you here.


This was the first Deep Dive

Location: Dahab, Egypt

Dahab is a small Egyptian town on the southeast coast of the Sinai desert, appr. 80 km northeast of Sharm el-Sheikh. It's a well developed area, famous for its excellent shallow-water kite- and windsurfing and of course its diving.

This is truly a magical place, under the radar, where I've been going almost yearly to since 2017. Every time I'm here, the energizing and creative vibe fully inspires me. Clarity comes out of the vast peace and quiet this place holds.

The word Dahab is Arabic for 'gold' and is possibly a reference to the geographic locality; gold washed down from the desert mountains may have accumulated on the alluvial flood plain where the town was built. The name may also be a reference to the colour of the sands to the south of the town itself. Some locals attribute the name to the colour of the sky just after sunset.

Dahab is just next to the most famous freediving spots: 'The Blue Hole', where many records have been broken again and again.

What's included


I. Before the retreat

1 Introductory group session (3 hours):

Getting tot know all participants through deep connection and vulnerability

Creation of the powerful frame, context and agreements for the retreat

Creation of your personal retreat impact and goal, using the 'Impact Filter' tool


II. During the retreat

1-on-1 water teachings w. Andreas: 2-4 sessions of 90 min

4 powerful sessions w. Christophe: mindset and embodied leadership

Sense of true mental and physical freedom

New possibilities in your life and business

Lots of 'still time' for reflection and integration of teachings

Mountain hike in the beautiful Sinai desert

Some great surprises


III. After: Integration & individual coaching

Afterwards, there is 1 month of personal support for full integration. This includes:

2 individual performance coaching sessions of 90 minutes each

24/7 support (e-mail, Whatsapp, ...) with all questions and challenges that come up

What's not included


Logistics and transport:

Plane to Sharm-El-Sheikh airport

Taxi ride from and to airport (shared taxi app. 20 euro per person)

Stay in Dahab (Sindbad Camp is very affordable, Christophe will be staying here)

Food (very cheap local food available everywhere in town)

All the above can be managed and planned in by coach Christophe, just get into contact!

Next retreat will be in Sept - Oct

Meet your teachers

Dive teacher and mentor


Dive into a world of peace and serenity with Andreas Peper, a visionary diving teacher who goes beyond the conventional boundaries of 'freediving'.

For Andreas, this is not freediving: it's letting go of anything you've ever known about swimming and the ocean. The work he does brings the opportunity of a way of Being that can be instilled everywhere in life.

He's a master in letting his students experience tranquillity: in the stillness that is created, stress and fear neutralize. True life begins.

Known for his unique and holistic approach, he refrains from labelling his craft as mere freediving. Instead, he invites you to embrace an experience that goes beyond just the physical act of submersion.

It's a journey into the depths of your own consciousness, where the waters become a canvas for self-discovery.

Holding your breath and exploring the depths is part of it; even more so unlocking a reservoir of inner calm and discovering a sense of freedom beneath the surface.

Embark on a journey toward personal freedom, and a profound connection with the world beneath the waves and yourself.

A state of Being from which we can step into deep, grounded and authentic leadership in life.

Leadership and mindset coach


Join the transformative journey with Christophe Vandeputte, performance coach and host of Hoofdzaak podcast.

Explore limitless potential as he shares profound insights on achieving a quiet mind, laser-focused state and embodied leadership in your life and business.

From this place of openness and curiosity: you 'empty' yourself to see new possibilities about your life you never thought were possible.

Christophe's teaching expand beyond theory; it's born from a personal odyssey of breaking free from the shackles of his own mind.

A former captive of anxiety and fear for years in his adolescence, he intimately understands the struggle of overcoming mental limitations.

His story is a testament to the power of resilience and the possibility of rewriting your narrative.

From this personal triumph, Christophe has become a trusted guide for leaders and CEOs, including luminaries like Peter Van Praet (BAVET) and Sarah Parent (GoForest) for the last 5 years.

Next retreat will be Sept - Oct

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